Through the Eyes of a Child

Abbie has taken to bringing me in flowers from what is affectionately known as our jungle. She struggles a little picking them so as I thanked her for yet another stemless daisy I told her I would come with her and help her pick a bunch of flowers.daisy


When we moved into our house we were full of excitement and plans, we were going to do amazing things with the massive back garden we were lumbered blessed with. Ten years later, we’re still planning and it frustrates me more than anything, or at least it did.Abbie

As I held Abbie’s hand yesterday and strolled down through the garden, I was struck by how she viewed it. To her everything was ‘so beautiful Mama’. My petite little girl is regularly referred to as a fairy, and she really did resemble one as she danced through the wild flowers at the bottom of the garden.


Once she got the hang of picking them with stems, she was in her element, ‘We’re so lucky Mammy, these are beautiful’ And she’s right, it’s not really a jungle after all, but a beautiful wild meadow, awash with the prettiest of flowers.



As adults we all too often see the glass half empty, we find it hard to look past the flaws and see the innocence and beauty in things. ff

Every once in a while it’s important to step back and look around us, look at ourselves and others,  really look as though you are looking through the eyes of a child, we are really surrounded by beauty.


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  2. The more I see of your beautiful house and garden (and of course of little Miss Abbie), the more determined I am to visit the sunny south East this year and see you all again!.

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