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As I threw another herbal teabag into the bin, I thought, this is crazy. I told my husband when I’d used my stash of various teas I was going to switch to loose leaf tea. The amount of packaging that comes with the tea bags is so unnecessary. There’s the teabag itself, many of which can’t go to compost as they contain microplastics. Then there’s the string and paper tag attached. Many tea bags are in a paper envelope, packed into a box with a soft plastic outer package. That’s a lot of waste or a few cups of tea.

By sheer coincidence, a few days later, I had a message awaiting my perusal from TrusTea.

It all began in Dublin 2018. 

TrusTea is an Irish tea business founded 2018 in Dublin. After launching, trusTea was recognized very fast by customers and now they already have 5 special tea blends becoming one of the most popular tea blends across Ireland in less than a year.
WHY? Because our teas are unique, made with the highest quality EU and World standards, each tea blend is targeting one life sector and is improved by amazing tastes. We are very thankful to every one of you, to follow us and enjoy our tea blends!

TrusTea very kindly sent me all five of their tea blends to try and a tea strainer. They have the following blends available, Morning Delight, Green Harmony, Four Thieves, Pina Colada and Earl Grey Blend. The tea does come in a soft plastic package which we will put into Eco Bricks, which we plan on using to create some projects in the garden. Once the tea has brewed, the blends go straight from the strainer to compost.

TrusTea is a member of the SuperValu Food Academy. – SuperValu helped us to get a different approach to potential consumers, to have a chance to present our tea products. SuperValu enabled us to have tastings inside SuperValu stores and that is crucial for any food business, to have a chance to get in direct contact with potential tea consumers, to try food products and then make a buying decision. With SuperValu we can approach our customers and present our products and story. It is nice to have products on the shelf but with SuperValu, we got a chance to get even further to potential consumers with promotional tasting spots inside SuperValu stores.’

I was excited to try a fuss-free, waste-free cuppa! Tea flavours are very much a personal choice. When it comes to taste, we choose what we know we will like or for a new flavour, what we suspect we will like. So my thoughts on the flavours are just that, my thoughts and opinion.

Morning Delight

Black Tea with Vanilla

This was my favourite of all the teas! It has such a creamy flavour. If you like milk in your tea it is suggested to add even more creaminess. For me, it’s ideal as it is.

Green Harmony

Green Tea with Strawberry.

I drink mostly green tea. With that in mind, this was the first one I tried. I really enjoy it. The strawberry lends such a subtle sweetness to the flavour.

Four Thieves

Herbal Tea – Sage/Thyme/Lavender/Rosemary

The ‘Four Thieves’ story, where the tea takes its name, is an epic one. Legend says that in the 17th century during the plague epidemic in the city of Toulouse, France, four thieves looted the dead bodies of the diseased and to be careful to not infect themselves, they invented a natural safeguard to avoid catching the plague while robbing. Finally they were arrested and at first sentenced to death, but in the end, they were offered freedom in exchange to disclose how they managed to avoid becoming infected. The thieves revealed they had discovered that when they soaked sage, thyme, rosemary, and lavender, made a special cream of it and placed it on their skin they remained safe. Since that time people have made elixirs, vinegar, and oils in their kitchen using these four very healthy herb leaves, even selling them around the world today as Four Thieves Oils, Vinegars, and tea from oil drops.

I have to be honest, sage is my least favourite herb. I can just about tolerate it in the stuffing at Christmas! However, I wouldn’t just dismiss the tea when TrusTea was kind enough to send it.
It is full of flavour, each of the herbs come through but it isn’t for me.

Pina Colada

Fruit Tea – Coconut / Pineapple

This was so refreshing. It left me looking forward to Summer evenings in the garden. Pina Colada fruit tea will be so delicious on those days. For now, I will enjoy it at the table with my crafts in the Spring sunshine!

Earl Grey

Black Tea Blend with Bergamot Orange Taste

I quite like Earl Grey, and have often enjoyed a cuppa. This is another level, the flavour is simply sublime. Another favourite in this selection of teas.

The TrusTea range is very impressive and a great alternative to teabags. Further details on the teas and purchasing them can be found on their website here; along with links to their social media accounts.

Further ideas for greener changes can be found here!

Disclaimer:  I received a selection of teas from TrusTea for the purpose of this review, which is my own honest view.


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