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I love wax melts and scented candles, and use them on a daily basis in my home. A friend recently introduced me to Kirsten who is creating candles and wax melts in her lovely home, Tinnock Farm in Tipperary using 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks. I spoke to Kirsten about what inspired her to start producing her own candles.

I am originally from Australia where there is really a glut of Soy and Natural wax makers that focus on making sustainable and environmentally friendly products. When I came back to Ireland after a break in Australia, I started making candles for myself as I could not find any products that fit both my taste and my desire for a local, simple candle.
In our everyday life, I try to live simply and be a conscientious consumer. I acknowledge that candles are a luxury item but I believe that does not mean that they should not be as environmentally friendly (and family friendly for that matter) as possible. My house always has a candle lighting and they certainly bring warmth and happiness into our home! 
Our small range of scents have fresh, floral accords and are inspired by our little farm in Tipperary. We have a berry garden, a cottage garden and pots full of flowers! We try to live with the seasons and in the summer, every window is flung open, with the smells of the grass and flowers let pour in.’
Kirsten very kindly sent me on one of her candles and a selection of her wax melts too.
Now, the wax melts I use, a popular brand that I need not mention do not resemble these at all. The soy wax melt feels completely different and the scents are much more natural than those of the commercially produced ones.
The melts Kirsten sent me were:
Lavender-A classical garden lavender accord, a truly relaxing blend! 
I love lavender in the garden, however, I never ever buy anything that is supposedly lavender scented. The smell I always find is too strong, artificial and gives me a headache. When I opened the lavender wax melts I was immediately transported right back to the 1980’s. A friend of my mother’s used to dry lavender from her garden and make little lavender sachets with it. This wax melt reminded me of this. It’s something I had not thought about for many years and as I was the melt sat happily on the burner, I could have been in that lady’s kitchen. The fragrance was so natural and nothing like any ‘lavender scented’ product I have come across before.
Sweet Pea-A delicate floral fragrance with notes of sweet pea, lily and gardenia.
Like the lavender, the sweet pea melt had a completely natural fragrance. It was light and very delicate, like the flower itself.
Fresh Linen– A lightly floral and powdery fragrance with a touch of vanilla.
Another fragrance I wouldn’t normally buy myself as I find it quite heady and also the last of the wax melts I tried, such was my hesitation. However, as with the lavender, I was very pleasantly surprised. The scent was far fresher than I expected with a lovely hint of vanilla; really lovely.
Then we have the candle, Kirsten sent me the Fig and Cassis candle which has a deep, rich fragrance opening with fig, wild plum and rose on a base of cedarwood, raspberry and cassis. This is absolutely stunning, again, as with the melts, what I love is how natural the scent is. This is so subtle with a hint of sheer luxury about it. I would quite happily leave this lighting all day. It is not overpowering at all, I love it.
I can see this being a very successful venture for Kirsten, she has created such a lovely product but what is even more apparent is her passion for natural, seasonal products. The candles last for approximately 50 hours and melts last for 30 hours and they are genuinely gorgeous.
The Tinnock Farm online shop is currently a work in progress however you can keep up to date with what is happening via Instagram here and Facebook here, where you can also contact Kirsten if you wish to purchase something before the online shop is launched.
Disclaimer: I was sent the candle and wax melts for the purpose of this review, which is my own honest view.

5 thoughts on “Tinnock Farm Candles

  1. These candles sound divine! I have rekindled (see what I did there;) ) my love of candles recently and love filling the house with them in the evenings. It is incredible how calming it is. Recently I purchased a set of candles that we had to stop using as we were concerned about the safety of them and the smell was too intense. I absolutely love the idea of these natural candles and melts and will be giving them a go.

    1. I had stocked up on the usual wax melts before christmas Naomi and then read some worrying things so my husband treated me to a soy candle, the difference in the scent was something else, and these Tinnock Farm Candles are the same, not just kinder to the environment but also our homes I feel.

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