The Upcycled Dolls House

The children have been gifted a dolls house. It has been much loved by another child and is now ready for a new home with more love for it.

There was nothing wrong with the house. It was in good condition, it had some furniture; really, it was ready to be played with. However, me being me, I decided to spruce it up a bit. The colours weren’t really me us so I decided to soften them. I’d give the house the ‘Simply Homemade’ treatment!

Firstly I needed to prime everything. I’m becoming quite the dab hand at priming and personally, I like the Johnstone’s one. Now that’s a sentence I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be writing!! I bought a 250ml tin of the primer for the whole job. I only had a very small amount left by the time I was finished.

The colours are all Woodies own brand tester pots. The green is Elder, the pink is Jewellery Box, the lemon is Lemon Meringue and the blue is Mountain Rain. As a side note, have you ever wondered how the paint colour names are decided on? Does someone sit at a desk, staring into space thinking, Mountain Rain….yes, that’s it!

At Miss A.’s request, the main body of the house was painted pink, or as the colour is known, Jewellery Box.

We decided we would put the green, Elder, on the roof and the trims were painted Lemon Meringue. The little flower embellishments are from my craft collection.

I bought a sheet of lining paper in Dealz and lined the ground floor. I used spray adhesive. Personally, I fought with that and things were going horribly wrong. I had bought some decorative film in Lidl so on one half on the floor I added ‘lino’ and the other half, using decorative paper is more rug-like – imagination was required for this project! In the kitchen, the lining paper looked a bit bumpy but with the addition of ‘wallpaper’ from a book of craft paper I had. Using the blue ‘Mountain Rain’ I added panels of colour and created some ‘Art’ using more craft paper. The blue went on the side wall which had been primed.

A table and chairs came with the house. These were originally black. Miss A. picked some fabric from the craft supplies and I covered those for her with the aforementioned spray adhesive and spent the rest of the evening peeling adhesive from my fingers!

The bathroom is also on the ground floor. This decoupaged with some lovely floral tissue paper I had. One particular spot was very black underneath so it looks as though the bathroom has a damp patch, very realistic I think! The bath and toilet were originally black so I primed these and painted them the lemon colour.

On the first floor we have the sitting room and music room, I know, pretty swish, right? I didn’t do anything with the floor here as it has a wood floor effect and looks quite nice. We used some gold decorative tape to divide the floor and walls where there were two pieces met. They add a nice bit of sparkle too. Part of the wall is painted with paint I had left over from my fabric drawer. The other side is ‘wallpapered’ in some pretty craft paper and the side wall in the sitting room is painted with green paint that is actually on my own kitchen walls.

The lamp was originally black and pink so again, I primed these and painted them lemon and pink.

The sofa was pink with black checkered fabric on the cushion. I took it apart, primed and painted the sofa and reupholstered it in fabric Miss A. chose from my stash.

A little side table came with the sofa and lamp. This was the same dark pink that was on the lamp, so again, it was primed and painted.

On to the top floor, which is, of course, the bedroom. Up here, having primed the walls, I used a decorative film I picked up in Lidl to paper the main wall. Miss A. had a little fairy that she asked to be hung on the bedroom wall, so I added that too. The floor was covered the same as the kitchen on the ground floor.

The walls up here are painted pink, at my girls’ request. A bed came with the house and needed a little sprucing up. I added some of the decorative film that’s on the walls to the sides, painted either end blue and covered the mattress and pillow with new fabric.

I also knit a blanket for the bed, can’t have the dollies getting cold, and a small matching pillow.

Then, I then knit a shade for the lamp to match. This was the very last thing I did. The dolls were very keen to move in at this point and I was reliably informed that they just couldn’t wait any longer!

I can’t explain how much I enjoyed rejuvenating this dolls house. It brought me so much joy, from watching it transform to the ideas imparted by my small girl to the time spent in my little corner painting small pieces of furniture.


It isn’t perfect, far from it, but to my children, it is the best thing ever. They love it and spend time playing with it every day. My small girl tells me she loves the dolls house I made for her! It took hours of my time, hours that I would quite happily spend on it again and again.

I bought anything I needed to upcycle this Dolls House myself. I was not asked to mention any of the brands or companies that I have.


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