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Valentines Day Cards

Cards are an extortionate price, aren’t they? I picked one up recently, quite plain, quite small, looked at the code…looked at the price list…..double checked, triple checked. Not a mistake; €6 for a small square card!!!

Now, more often than not we do make cards, it’s a great activity to do with the children and a much more personal touch too. After a Sunday morning with my small girl spent glueing and cutting, sticking and sticking some more; here are some ideas for making your own Valentines Day Cards, or any day, anytime is a good time to tell someone you love them!


I buy packets of blank cards in Mr. Price, I love these ones, in particular, no matter what you do with these they will look special.


Using a glue gun or glue dots, place a variety of buttons on the front of the card in the shape of a heart.


Three jewel hearts across the front of the card, simple and pretty.

Using a stamp kit and another jewelled heart along with some lovely paper covered in hearts as an overlay, I think this one might be my favourite.


Of course, these cards really are suitable for any occasion, we made this one recently for certain Mr’s birthday! He loved it.

I was not asked to mention Mr. Price or any of their products in this post, I am however happy to share where I purchase items that are good value and I feel may be of interest to my readers.


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