This forthcoming Friday, the 22 May will (hopefully) see history being made on this fair isle of ours. We are required to vote, we have to decide if everyone in this country is to be treated equally, are we going to allow LGBT people to marry??

I know, it’s amazing really isn’t it? 2015 and we are still not treating everybody the same. I tell my children to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves and yet there are people in our country who cannot marry the person they love!

I am a Mum; a mum to five fantastic children. I am a mum who wants her children to grow up in a society where everyone is treated with the respect they deserve. I am a Mum who wants her children to live in a society where two people can fall in love and get married. I am a Mum who wants her children, her children’s cousins, her children’s friends, her children’s classmates, ALL children to grow up and be treated equally.


I’m not going to bombard you with reasons to vote yes in the upcoming referendum on Friday, I shouldn’t have to and in all honesty, I couldn’t possible write anything as profound as some of the pieces I have already seen. One thing I will tell you however is that YES I will be voting YES, and whilst I would never normally tell a person how to vote, this is the exception, you too should VOTE YES.

If for some reason, you are questioning whether you should #VoteYes, I implore you to read the following blog posts:

My Thoughts on a Page published a passionate & honest letter from her brother, which says it all really. Take a  look at this referendum from the perspective of the people it affects the most, This is My Life.

Beating Myself Into a Dress wrote a wonderful post, articulate and to the point, Everything Else is Just Noise 

The Busy Mamas wrote what I personally found to be a highly emotional post, it is simply beautiful and sums everything up, Equality Anyone? Yes Please

Life on Hushabye Farm sums it up perfectly too, my stance is very similar to hers, well actually and thankfully, we are all singing off the same sheet, it’s a good sheet to be on; her title has it in a nutshell Love is All You Need, isn’t that so true of any marriage?

Looking for a reason to #VoteYes, well head over to Stuff and Nothing, she’ll give you 10 damn good, solid, valid reasons, 10 Reasons Why I am Going to Vote YES for Marriage Equality.

Love of Living has the most adorable little boy, when her little boy was born she made him a promise, a promise to protect him and therefore protect his rights, Why I Am Voting Yes For Equality.

Over at The Clothesline we hear thoughts from a mother, daughter, sister, friend and an Irish lady, who has to wait until Saturday morning to see if she will be treated as an equal in her home country, No Party Like an Irish Party, lets get this lady to the party!

Four Walls, Rainy Days not only spoke very eloquently about the referendum, she also shared three lovely little snippets from the internet which should strike a chord with everyone, The Case For Marriage Equality.

Awfully Chipper, shares her thoughts on why we need to vote yes and hits the nail on the head, people should not be treated like second class citizens because of their sexuality, Seriously, do I have to say this? Vote YES

Tattooed Lady with a Baby is looking forward to watching her baby grow up, looking forward to watching him fall in love, looking forward to watching him marry and have a family; with the person he chooses, Yes – The Way Forward

There is great excitement in the Bumbles of Rice home at the moment, as they look forward to a forthcoming family wedding. This wedding lead to a conversation about marriage with her four year old,  where Sinéad told her son exactly how it should be, “It’s up to you, you get to choose who you love and who you marry” Please don’t make a liar out of Bumbles of Rice-#VoteYes , A Conversation about Marriage and Equality with a Four-Year-Old

Proper Fud looks at the referendum from an excellent perspective, what effect will  a yes vote will have on her marriage? None! It won’t affect any marriage; and she simply wants her boys ‘to be happy and to live in a society that won’t tell them that anyone has different civil rights to anyone else’ My Marriage

Office Mum wrote an article for, following a very simple question from her daughter, the beauty of this question was that already her daughter sees marriage between two people completely normal, be it a man and a woman, two women, two men, it doesn’t matter, she sees marriage as simply an act between two people who love each other. Isn’t that just brilliant, who are we to tarnish the views of a five year old by voting no? How I explained the Marriage Equality Referendum to my Kids

One referendum, so many thoughts, all with the same conclusion-Vote Yes.

I was speaking with my own daughter recently about this referendum, she’s 10. Her thoughts were simple, she said, ‘Sure what difference does it make as long as the people getting married love each other’

My 9 year old son, who never ceases to amaze me either, made a lovely statement as I was typing this today (they’re very nosy my children…needed to know what I was writing about) He said, why should true love be held back? Why indeed?

My final thought is simply this – Vote YES vote for equality.

Thank you very much for allowing me the privilege of linking to your wonderful posts My Thoughts on a Page, Beating Myself into a Dress, The Busy Mamas, Life on Hushabye Farm,  Stuff and Nothing, Love of Living, Awfully ChipperThe Clothesline, Four Walls, Rainy Days, Bumbles of Rice , Tattooed Lady with a Baby , Proper Fud  and Office Mum

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  1. Thanks for the mention, fantastic collection of posts – if people need convincing after all of that they might be lost causes!

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