Wedding Speech

It is daunting being asked to make a speech. It took an age to write one for my sister’s wedding day, they’re such a personal thing. When I wrote it, I left it and looked at it no more until the day of the wedding! Then my anxiety levels were at an almighty high.


I know many people like to look to other speeches for ideas and inspiration so here is what I said on the day.


When Lorene asked me to speak, I wasn’t sure what I should say. Actually, I thought I’d say nothing at all! I write, not speak, this is a million miles away from my comfort zone so Lorene, forgive me if I make a mess of it, fall flat on my face, drink all the prosecco and go home!

In an ideal world, our wonderful mother Anne would be here today to watch Lorene, Dwayne and Taylor show the world the family unit they have become but as we all know life is unpredictable and that just was not to be. I can tell you though that wherever she is, she is as proud as I am of the amazing woman Lorene has become. My Mam would actually be very proud of all of us, granted she’d prefer if we were more like the Waltons, but we’re not. She would appreciate the bond we have though; Mark, Lorene & Dwayne, Gary & Sinead, Kevin & I; we don’t live in each other’s pockets, but when one falls, the rest of us are there, no question.

This year hasn’t been the easiest, but Anne was obviously close by us. When  Mark was ill, our lovely Grandad went into hospital too and while neither he nor Nana can be here today, they’re both very much in our thoughts.

We’re on very different pages in our lives, Lorene is embarking on this wonderful new, exciting chapter, but we both know that when tears are falling, or smiles are big and wide, we will come to each other because no matter where we are, nothing will ever change the fact that we are sisters, we are friends.

Lorene & Dwayne, I have no doubt your love is modern enough to survive the times, but old fashioned enough to last forever.

Now, I couldn’t possibly do this alone, so Taylor has a little something he’d like to add*

Quick toast….Remembering Anne, thinking of Nana & Grandad and wishing Lorene, Dwayne & Taylor a lifetime of love and happiness.


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It’s quite sad reading this now, it was been sitting in the drafts folder since July. I am dedicating it to our wonderful Grandad who, you may know, passed away in August.

*My nephew read a poem that we’d written together.


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