Weekend in Pictures-03/07/17

Welcome to my new Summer series, Weekend in Pictures.

This boy graduated from the Busy Bee class, with plans to be an XBox Gamer when he grows up. In September he will become an Eager Beaver.

My fairy girl graduated pre-school. Her future plans include working on the ship ‘like her Daddy’; her Daddy doesn’t actually work on a ship, her response to that nugget of information, ‘ah you know what I mean’!


On Saturday night my fairy joined me in the National Opera House here in Wexford for the Sheila Grace Dance Company annual show. This year it was called For The Love of Dance. Her older sister and brother are both students of Sheila Grace and were in the show.


We’ve been doing some work on our sitting room, I was delighted to finally get these two pieces on the wall. Aren’t the beautiful? They are by a Wexford artist, Jenny Crean and I bought them in The Bullring Market. I love them. No two pieces of Jenny’s work are identical, it’s such a pleasure to find something individual that you wouldn’t get in a regular shop.

How was your weekend?


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