Well Hello There!

A very warm hello to all my followers, old and new J
I’ve been away from the blog for quite some time now but hopefully over the next few months I will find the time to start posting a bit more often.
It’s been a busy time in the Simply Homemade home.
In February this year we welcomed our beautiful baby son Harry into our family.
Harry, 6 months old x
He has brought so much joy to us all, the older children dote on him, he is starting to become a great playmate for Abbie and he is a happy, contented little man. We couldn’t ask for anymore of him.

Three weeks after Harry’s arrival, Chloé made her confirmation.

It was a bit of a hectic time and to be honest, I was there but somewhat pre occupied for the most part. I did make her a cake of course, she chose to have Chocolate Almond Cake which doubled as dessert along with the wonderful array of cakes and desserts brought by other family members. Food was not in short supply that day and Chloé, enjoyed it, which was the main thing.

In March Abbie turned 1, we had a small birthday party for her, making a simple lemon cake, the same as she had on the bottom tier of her christening cake, naturally of course there were cupcakes galore! It was a lovely, simple and most importantly relaxing afternoon.

May brought with it the highlight of Caoimhe’s year, her First Communion Day, she was super excited and a basket full of nerves at the same time J

We had her day at home aswell and we were far more organised. For Caoimhe,  the highlight wasn’t the cake but the Candy Buffet we set up for her after she’d gone to bed the night before. For her cake I opted for the reliable Lemon Cake once again and the image on the top I sourced from a brilliant girl who can be found on Facebook, Topcake Ireland Edible Cake Toppers, I cannot recommend her enough, she is prompt, reliable and a lovely girl to deal with.
Caoimhe had a great day and I was more than happy to relax with a glass of wine when it was all over.
Chloé turned 13 in June, overnight I became mum to a teenager!!
She isn’t one for a lot of fuss but is rather fond of cake, so I asked my good friend Tracy, owner of Tracy’s Cakes and she does make the most amazing cakes, for her Chocolate Biscuit Cake recipe, well to say Chloé was pleased with her cake would be an understatement, she absolutely loved it.
In July, when he was five months old, we finally had Harry christened.
Feeling the need for a break and a relaxing afternoon,
 we decided to have it in a local hotel,
Danby Lodge, who I must say, looked after us all very well.
Naturally though, I did make Harry’s cake, a simple Chocolate Cake and we had delicious cupcakes, with his image on them, courtesy again of  Topcake Ireland Edible Cake Toppers.
It was a lovely day and I didn’t have to clean up after it!
In August I had a lovely get together with some wonderful friends I made when I was pregnant with Abbie, the house was full of food, babies and chatter, it was brilliant.
It’s fair to say the sweet stuff far outweighed the savoury and I cannot think of this day without recalling the most amazing Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream, made by my friend Marguerite, owner of Savage Cakes, they were fabulous.
Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream by Marguerite of Savage Cakes
The kids are now back in school, Chloé has started in 1st Year, Caoimhe and Jack are in 2nd and 3rd class and the two babies are home with me.
Our next occasion is Jack’s birthday at the end of this month so everyday I’m being given suggestions for his birthday cake!
Life is extremely busy, but I am slowly finding time to bake a bit more again, and hopefully share my love for all things foody here with everyone
My Family x

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