Wexford Cheddar celebrate 60 Years #BetterWithCheddar

There are many things synonymous with Wexford. Rissoles, the Quay, Rosslare, ‘Howya Hun’ and the Creamery. The Creamery is almost like a landmark in its own right.  The place used for many giving directions, telling a tale of something that occurred ‘near the Creamery’ and visible from many vantage points.

It’s a big year for Wexford Creamery this year. They are celebrating 60 years. That is simply phenomenal when one considers the economic times this business has survived through.

The Beginning

The extraordinary story of Wexford Cheddar begins in 1959 when a group of wise dairy farmers partnered with German entrepreneur Herr Hoevelmeyer. This unlikely partnership prospered when a shared passion for dairy farming met a love for the local community.

60 years later, Wexford Cheddar continues to grow and produce award-winning cheddar. Wexford Cheddar’s selection of red and white cheese products include Mild & Creamy, Rich & Mature and Strong & Vintage. Our newest product is convenient, pre-sliced Red Cheddar Snacking Slices, perfect for on the go and healthy packed lunches.

So, what has given Wexford Cheddar that superior, delicious edge over the last 60 years?

“Well, the optimal climate of the Sunny South East, lush green meadows and months of grazing from the happy, free roaming cows are to thank. Also at the heart of our success, are the 600+ local, Wexford farmers, many of which supply their milk exclusively to Wexford Cheddar, they’re our true custodians.” – Cara Millaney, Brand Manager – Glanbia Ireland

Wexford Cheddar has grown to International level and operates in markets across Europe, North America and the Far East. However, County Wexford and the local community will always prevail as the heart of the brand. County Wexford boasts a world-class food culture and our dairy, meat and seafood are at the forefront thanks to the diverse landscapes and coasts that surround the Model County.

Wexford Creamery very kindly gifted me a gorgeous celebration hamper. It must be said, however, like many Wexford kitchens, Wexford Cheddar has adorned many a toastie and cheeseboard! I wasn’t asked to share a post about Wexford Creamery, but I do think it’s important to celebrate local achievements and I am a Wexford girl!

To celebrate 60 years, Wexford Cheddar invites you to take part in the #BetterwithCheddar challenge. Recreate one of our many recipes available on www.wexfordcreamery.com using Wexford Cheddar. Be sure to share your cheesy dish or even a cheesy smile online by tagging @wexfordcreamery and use #BetterwithCheddar #60YearsOfWexford


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