Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

We brought four of the five children out to Wexford Wildfowl Reserve this afternoon, it’s a place we often visit, when time is short but fresh air and a change of scene are required.


Upon arrival we were immediately greeted by this pair of friendly quacks!

Welcome, Welcome!!
Welcome, Welcome!!


It’s lovely for the children, Abbie is at an age now where we are happy to let her walk unaided, despite being very secure with the water very well fenced off,  we do keep Harry close here though……..thinking of the birds!!



The Reserve Visitor Centre contains a wealth of information including some fascinating history; and a lovely children’s corner to entertain younger visitors.

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Have you ever wondered about the origin of the Guinness Book of Records?? Wonder no more!

Fascinating history piece..
Fascinating history piece..

We were lucky today, there was no shortage of lovely birds to be seen, Abbie asked what they were each called, when we said we weren’t sure if they all had names she decided they should all be called Mary, I can assure you this was a very sincere thought from this little lady as she loves her own Auntie Mary dearly!


As you stroll up to the little hideout there is a lovely chocolate coloured wooden hare, or as Abbie declared it excitedly……A Chocolate Bunny!!

Not a chocolate bunny!
Not a chocolate bunny!
Looking for birds at the hideout
Looking for birds at the hideout

I have never been to the Wildfowl Reserve when there hasn’t been lots of visitors, today was no exception, there were people of all ages visiting, it isn’t a massive place by any means, however, it is a place that draws people back time and again.


I recall visiting here many times with my own family as a child, it’s lovely to be still visiting now with my own children.

Sit awhile and enjoy the surroundings


If you would like to know more about Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, visit their website here, or pop over and give them a like on Facebook.


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