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Wexford Winterland Santa Train

Santa visits; they’re lovely and very much a tradition at Christmas. However, they’re expensive for one child, never mind four and then of course there’s the adult charge. If our teen comes along we are paying for three adults and four children meaning it isn’t unusual to be paying close to €100 for our Santa visit! It takes the shine off I needn’t tell you and is an indulgence we just could not stretch to this year so I decided to look for an alternative and luckily it didn’t take long to find one.

Wexford Winterland Festival launched on 25th November and runs until the 8th of January with a host of festivities for everyone. One of these attractions is Santa’s Train which runs up until the 23rd of December. I’d heard many good things about this last year and after a quick read of the website I decided this would be perfect for what the children wanted; which was an opportunity to see Santa, tell him what gift they would like on Christmas Eve and assure him that they would leave out a mince pie and a cookie! The reindeer won’t be forgotten, they will be left clementines as we understand carrots give them dreadful wind.


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This beautifully ornate train will take in the sights and sounds of Wexford town at Christmas. The train will depart from the Bullring, travel down to Wexford Quay to see the Ice Rink, around to Redmond Square and finally back along the main street to see the magical lights and hear the Christmas music. The journey lasts about 15 minutes and will enthral kids of all ages.


I booked our tickets online for a fraction of the cost of a ‘normal’ Santa visitabbie-waiting and yesterday we headed into the Bullring in Wexford town to the ‘train station’ where we collected our tickets and waited with very excited little people for the train to arrive.  Whilst a very jolly Santa posed for photographs with his previous passengers we boarded the train and one of Santa’s helpers painted rosy red cheeks and bright red noses on those children who wanted them.


Then Santa boarded the train! The children were enthralled. He was kind and jolly, spoke to everyone  (including the adults) individually and had the children enthralled. As we went along the Quay to Redmond Square I can’t imagine any of the children noticed the Christmas lights they were so charmed by Santa. With two carriages, we made a brief stop so Santa could board the second one and charm the rest of his passengers before we headed back to the Bullring again.


Once we departed from the train, Santa was more than happy to pose for photo’s and also made a point of saying hello to children who were passing by.


All in all, I was very impressed with The Santa Train and it is most likely the Santa Visit we will continue to do. The children don’t get a gift, after all Santa brings the gifts on Christmas Eve which personally I think is ideal. It is in my opinion, in keeping with the magic of Christmas. Santa himself is jolly & kind, again, he is as we perceive him to be. Oh and it would be remiss of me not to mention Santa’s beard……his real beard!

If you’re pondering a trip on the Santa train I personally wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it, it is great fun. The trip lasts approximately 15 minutes and costs €6 per child and €5 per adult, very reasonable I think.

Dislcaimer: I was not asked to provide a review of The Santa Train and I paid for our tickets myself.


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