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What Caught My Eye #10

Welcome to this weeks post, this is the 10th one! I hope you’re all enjoying them and you’ve found some good stuff to read over the past 10 weeks. Curl up now and dive into this week’s offerings.

Carers are extremely undervalued in this country, often carrying out tasks that require assistance alone, never catching a break. Candi O’Reilly recently caught a glimpse of the life she once hoped to lead; it’s extremely different to the one she is living.

I saw the headline Revealed: The happiest country on Earth  – And it’s not Ireland Before reading I wasn’t surprised it wasn’t Ireland, I did guess correctly the happiest country, something tells me you will too.

Frances over at The Honest Project has a really lovely post on How To Practice Self-Care Right Now. It is actually calming to read it and important I feel, to implement the suggestions, self-care is so important.

Last weekend I made these Sweet Potato Brownies , from Emily at The Nest, over on Snapchat. They were a big hit, unsurprisingly, as they absolutely gorgeous.

I live in hope of this warmer weather staying with us, this past week one would be forgiven for thinking we were destined to be wearing our scarves forever more. However, we must have hope and this delicious selection of Pasta Salad Recipes lined up for sunny day lunches.

There is an influx of celebrities marketing books for every genre these days, children in particular. My own kids are reading books by their favourite YouTubers (do any kids watch tv anymore??) It was very interesting to read How celebrity deals are shutting children’s authors out of their own trade.

I was saddened to see Sharon from Behind Green Eyes leave Snapchat a couple of weeks ago, however, having read this post from her explaining her decision I fully understand and support her. I watched Sharon on there for two reasons, she says it as it is and I could relate to her; she’s a Mum just like me. Obviously I like her too, otherwise, I wouldn’t have watched. And that is the difference between me and some of those who did watch and it is something I really cannot fathom; why watch someone only to say something mean?? There is no need for it whatsoever.

On that note, I’m off to let my children spoil me a bit. Hope you remembered to change your clocks!! Enjoy the week ahead and here’s to plenty more spring sunshine.


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  1. Thanks so much for including my post, and there are some great reads here, and I will certainly be trying those Brownies – I think I meant to before and never got around to it….

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