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What Caught My Eye #14

Good morning, grab a cuppa and peruse the content that caught my eye online over the past week.

It’s been quite stressful lately so the reading of Spring Has Sprung! 5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind, Body & Spirit could not have been more timely.

I was very pleased to read this piece promoting walking as exercise as it was something I wrote about myself recently.

Anyone whoe has seen my garden would most likely tell you I’m very fond of the weeds so it was with delight and great interest I read this piece on How to love your weeds

My heart when I look at these photos that a Dad photoshopped his child into! They are spectacularly well done.

Actor Pens Fierce Poem Encouraging People To Quit Self-Hating And ‘Embrace The Squish’, this is such an important message.

A look at carbohydrates and the bad rep they get, Fuelling your Day; this is really worth reading as there is so much confusion around carbohydrates.

I find myself becoming increasingly aware of the effect we are all having on this lovely planet of ours, here are some wonderful  Simple Tips To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle, many of which are very simple to implement.

I love this piece on Ireland’s Body Positive Activists, these women are inspirational.

I love to bake, you know that already, this blog is packed with baking recipes! I also love to read and here in, Baking Is All in the Hands, two of my loves have come together in a beautiful piece of writing.

I hope you’ve found something you’ve enjoyed reading.


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