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What Caught My Eye #18

Good morning, Sunday chill out time, my favourite time of the week.

We’re starting with a funny one this week, these Signs Humanity is Regressing are hilarious!

I loved Downton Abbey, so this list, 12 New Books to Read If You Miss ‘Downton Abbey, very much appeals to me, in particular as Julian Fellowes features on the list.

I have fierce romantic notions regarding little animals wandering free in my wild garden. So far I’m not faring well, we have a cat, a wonderful cat who keeps the rodents away, is fiercely loyal and is fearful of the small boy. I’m almost on the point of persuading Mr. S/H to agree to chickens and I’ve been, with great subtleness, mentioning how great little goats would be to keep the grass down…..so I best not show him this funny tale about Billy & Betty from Life on Hushabye Farm!

Andrea from Office Mum has a lovely article in the Examiner, How these people turned online connections into face-to-face friendships, featuring none other than yours truly!

Thinking of escaping for the Summer?? Have a look at these Peaceful Irish Towns to Move to for The Summer; our very own Rosslare is, unsurprisingly, on the list.

Frances over at The Honest Project has Five Ridiculously Tasty Lentil Dishes that look absolutely delicious. I love lentils; cheap, tasty and so good for you. Frances also has a gorgeous recipe for Falafel Bites, my mouth genuinely waters when I look at these. I’d eat falafel every day but my family won’t comply! They’ll be getting these though…..yum!

There are some great getaway ideas on this list of 100 of the best places to stay in Ireland.

Naomi over at Science Wows has a brilliant piece on The Science of Singing. My kids are always singing, I’ll be bearing this article in mind the next time I go to say ‘stop for a little while please’…..it’s not easy listen to the same version of something 524 times!

Finally for this week, the trailer for Orange is the New Black, which returns on June 9th! Really looking forward to this.


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6 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye #18

  1. I love these weekly reviews and am delighted to see my post featured this week. They are a great resource when I have a few quiet minutes and want something good – I often check out what you recommend!

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