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What Caught My Eye #2

It’s that time of the week again, where I share what I’ve been reading & watching. Huge thank you for the wonderful response to last weeks ‘What Caught My Eye’; I’m delighted you like it. So, are you ready, cuppa in hand? Here goes……

Paddy Cunningham has hit the ground running in 2017 writing some searingly honest posts, with this one, This may offend you, but.. here I am, half naked. #BeBodyProud, probably being his most nerve racking but relatable yet. A runner up on The Biggest Loser UK, a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach, a real person who isn’t afraid to tell it as it is, Paddy is more than qualified to speak about his subject matter and he does so with compassion and conviction.

Last weekend Mr. Simply Homemade and I  brought the three older kids to see Wexford’s  own WOLFF; for one night only our kids thought we were cool (that may well be an exaggeration) This was an all ages show, meaning that kids under 18 got to see someone they greatly admire perform and as well as that, he took the time at the end of the show to meet them all too. There’s many could learn a thing or two from him. It was an amazing night and for those of you not fortunate enough to be there, you can get a little taster in his vlog (yes, he’s a man of many talents!); Weekly Wolff which goes out every Wednesday on YouTube.


I have to admit, I found myself struggling to get up every morning this week. It has been so cold and this Mama does not like the cold. Anyway, it’s fine, all is wonderful because apparently ‘People Who Struggle to Get Out of Bed are More Intelligent‘ ; new research has revealed that a lie-in might not be a luxury you need feel guilty about – rather, it might mean you are more intelligent, creative and happy. There you go now, back to bed with you!

We’re only a couple of weeks away from Valentine’s Day. I realise it’s not for everyone but like everything, it’s up to you to make something of it if you want to. I’ve been looking at some Valentine’s Day Crafts to do with the children…..or by myself!

That’s it for this week. Did anything interesting catch your eye?





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