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What Caught My Eye #23

What a week! Last weekend my sister got married so for us this week has really been about getting back to ‘normal’, chilling out a bit and generally taking it easy. Taking it easy of course means browsing the web and reading snippets that catch my eye.

We need all the deodorant this time of year and here are 12 natural ones that work. I have made my own with coconut oil, would definitely recommend it!

If you have ever wondered what Apple Cider Vinegar can, and can’t, do for your health, then this article is for you.

Here is a three ingredient cookie recipe! Does it get any handier than three ingredients?

Would you like to pimp your potato salad? Course you would and here’s just what you need, 11 Potato Salads That Aren’t Just Buckets of Mayo.

This pistachio halva recipe reminded me I haven’t made halva in ages. It’s so tasty and a small piece is really quite filling so it’s a nice ‘hits the spot’ treat.

I have never used edible flowers but I have to say I am feeling inspired having read this post here from Lilly Higgins. Aren’t her photos just beautiful?

I love this description of a mother’s love from Jolene over at One Yummy Mummy, it is indeed crazy.

I love some of these diy craft projects……I’d love to find time to be more creative.

I love fish and am trying to eat more of it so I’m always on the lookout for tasty fish recipes, these fish taco’s sound just delicious.


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