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What Caught My Eye #27

It’s that time of the week again. Grab a cuppa, curl up, relax and enjoy.

If you like movie reviews you must check out Cuppa Critics: Venice Film Festival from Karen at Yankee Doodle Paddy. Karen and her husband were fortunate enough to attend the Venice Film Festival and here they share their opinions on 10 films they saw. Karen also includes a review of Victoria and Abdul at the end, a movie I am looking forward to seeing, even more, having read her opinion of it.

This is an interesting, informative read, 10 Unexpected Ways You’re Hurting The Environment At Home. This is an area I’ve become increasingly interested in of late. There are so many, inexpensive changes we can make to better the environment, our homes and ourselves.

It was refreshing to read this post from an Irish lady on the Zero Waste Home website, it’s superb to see Ireland on the Fast Track to Zero Waste.

Nicola Cassidy, the lady behind LadyNicci.com has reason to be very excited at the moment, her debut novel, December Girl releases on 26th October. I loved reading A Day in the Life of Nicola and I am in awe, writing a book with two small children can’t have been an easy task. I can’t wait to read December Girl, it sounds right up my street.

My small girl and I made this Chocolate Courgette Bread yesterday, it went down a treat with everyone/ She was very proud of herself.

If you’re thinking of reducing waste in your lifestyle here are 9 Ways to Move Towards Zero Waste, to get you started.


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