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What Caught My Eye #28

Good morning lovelies! Grab a cuppa and something nice, settle down in a cosy chair and get stuck in.

I found myself nodding my way through The 7 Year Itch from The Skinny Doll. When I started blogging more than six years ago, Doll was one of the few blogs I knew of. Bloggers weren’t as plentiful back then as they are now. During the week I was thrilled for Doll when she very deservedly won Best Health & Wellness Blog in the V by Very Blog Awards.

Have you seen the new food pyramid from Belgium? They have moved Processed Meats Off Its Food Pyramid. It will be very interesting to see if other countries follow suit.

This season sees quite a few Book-to-Screen Adaptations. There’s a couple there that I’d definitely like to see.

Did you know you can calculate your Ecological Footprint? Go on, give it a go, see how you’re doing!

I think since I started hit publish 28 posts ago I have only ever featured a post of my own once, this post really isn’t about me and what I write. However, I published a very quick recipe during the week that has proved quite popular. If you missed it, it was Pizza Puffs, a lunch box hit! (miracles do happen)

There is lots of food for thought in 7 Tips for Choosing Ethical Zero Waste Essentials, it’s shocking, the number of single-use items we all go through on a daily basis. There is so much change we could all do with adopting.

Finally this week, I have a super tasty recipe from Caitríona at Wholesome Ireland, Potato Peel Crisps, my children thought I was deadly when I made these during the week!


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2 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye #28

  1. Was thrilled for Skinny Doll too! Some good links there, thank you. The ethical goods post mentions something I’ve been trying to get through to my teens during the last week. We’re all surrounded by experts in marketing, it’s so easy to believe we want everything, but do we really Need it.. that’s another question entirely.

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