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What Caught My Eye #3

It’s Sunday, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to see what caught my eye this week.

In our house we don’t define between girls things and boys things, everything is equal, so I was quite saddened to read the results of a study which reveal “By Age 6 Girls Are More Likely To Think “Genius” And “Brilliance” Are Male Traits, Not Female” I really feel it’s so important that our children believe, regardless of gender, that they can do and be what they want in life and not be influenced by gender stereotyping.

I was horrified to discover via Office Mum that there are now Cosmetic Surgery Games for Kids. I cannot fathom how anybody this day and age could honestly think this is in any way appropriate. The majority of us are doing our utmost to promote a positive body image for our children and then we have money grabbing tyrants who will stoop to any level to line their pockets; it truly is despicable. You can do you bit to help put an end to these dreadful games by signing this petition because #surgeryisnotagame

I came across some beautiful images early in the week, take a moment to look at them, they’re wonderful; The Artist Who Deceives Your Eyes.

Thirty-three years ago, a 15-year-old girl in Granard, Co Longford, died, along with her baby son, giving birth in secret. People wrote to the ‘Gay Byrne Show’ in response to this heartbreaking tragedy.The Ann Lovett letters are a woeful and very emotional insight to what women and young girls went through in this country.

Irish author Emma Hannigan is a lady to be greatly admired. While battling cancer she discovered a love of writing and very soon had a new career. Read more in ‘Juggling 10 cancer diagnoses, writing a dozen books and raising a family‘.

Finally, I promised my fairy that we would do some arts & crafts this weekend; these Gorgeous Heart Crafts may just be what we do.

See you all next week for more of what catches my eye. Stay warm, have fun and enjoy your week.


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