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What Caught My Eye #5

Good morning my lovelies! Sunday has rolled around again, and, it’s mid-term in Ireland so I don’t have to prepare 5 school lunches this evening or set an alarm for 6.45am! It’s the little things. Now, have you got a cuppa and something nice? Good, relax, enjoy this post and all the corners it brings you too.

My husband’s work affords him the chance to be extremely involved in the family unit on a day to day basis which not many men have, in particular, if they are the sole earner. I think it’s fantastic to see so many men now taking on the role of the stay at home parent, something that may have been frowned upon not that long ago and it was great to get an insight into the role of the stay at home Dad from three Irish men who took on the role and loved it.

I haven’t watched an overabundance of documentaries on Netflix lately so I was inspired when I saw this list on Where Wishes Come From. Apart from Happy which I have seen (and loved!) I will be adding all of these to my watch list.

All too often quitting something is seen as a failure so it was refreshing to read 5 Valid Reasons to be a Quitter. Quitting something can quite often lead to happiness!

The St. Patrick’s Festival commissioned Irish poet and playwright, Stephen James Smith to write a poem for this year, which he has entitled ‘My Ireland’ This is such a powerful piece, you can also read My Ireland here.


I’ve been thinking an awful lot lately about the number of chemicals we use, they’re everywhere from cleaning supplies to scented candles, even in our sanitary products!! (Yes, really!) I found this piece, 16 Steps to Making Your Home Greener and Cosier very interesting and better still the ideas are achievable.

I did giggle when I read ‘It’s My Life’, Tric Kearney’s column in the Irish Examiner. I also made a mental note to just get the washing done and not put it off!!

Photography fans, you will enjoy this. A friend of mine is a fabulous photographer and captures the most wonderful wildlife shots. Check out his new page on Facebook, Wild About Wexford.

IMAGE CREDIT: John Holden, Wild Wexford

We have a family occasion coming up soon which we will host at home and I have been looking for recipes that are a little bit different from the norm (of course as time gets closer and my days stay just as busy we will stick to what we know best I bet!!) This Raw Chocolate Orange Cheesecake sounds so delicious and simple to make too!

I hope you’ve found something interesting here, enjoy your day and I’ll be back with more next week.

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