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What Caught My Eye #6

Good morning, happy Sunday! Wasn’t that a stormy week? I hope Storm Doris didn’t wreak too much havoc wherever you are. Grab a cuppa, relax and take yourself off to the places I found myself reading some great pieces this week.

It’s always horrible to see women put themselves under pressure to lose weight following the birth of a baby; when you stop and think what your body has done, it’s made a human, you have made a little person, celebrate your body, rejoice in the miracle it has performed and read Becoming A Body Positive Mama in 10 Easy Steps.

I was extremely moved by this Body Positivity post on The Style Guide Blog; partly because I could relate to so much of what Sera said and mainly because I completely understood what it took for Sera to hit that publish button. It’s such an honest, emotional read.

I absolutely love this, Weight Is Just A Number – A Plea to my Daughter. This is such a positive message to pass on to our children.

Do you often look at foods and wonder how they’re pronounced? Actually, I’m sure it’s something we all do wonder sometimes, Quin-what? 15 foods you’ve probably been pronouncing incorrectly is an article that will offer some clarification on some of those tricky ones.

It’s almost Pancake Tuesday! This recipe for Rhubarb & Custard Crepes on Simple Things looks absolutely delicious.

We are big fans of flapjacks, I make a batch for the kids every week, they are ideal in lunchboxes. This Crunchy Baked Granola Bar recipe from The Minimalist Baker looks gorgeous, I’d happily have one with a cuppa!

See you again next Sunday, have a good week!

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