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What Caught My Eye #7

Here we are, the first Sunday in March…March!! How did that happen?? It seems to have been dark now for a long time, fingers crossed we see brighter days ahead. In the meantime, grab a cuppa and go on, have a scone or a piece of cake too, snuggle down and have a read of these gems from the interweb.

I was thrilled to see my gorgeous pal Rebecca talking Body Positivity on The Daily Edge last Sunday. She is without a doubt one of the most inspiring women I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

They Say Nothing Last Forever…..Grief Does. This post really struck a chord with me, every word resonated. Grief doesn’t go away, many years later it still creeps up and envelops us when we least expect it too.

Why Being Selfish Can Benefit Everyone is a piece I read last Wednesday evening. It was very apt as for the first time in a long long time I spent that morning on myself.

In the UK Lidl are Piloting Fun-Size Vegetable Range For Children To Encourage Kids To Eat Their Greens. If it’s successful it would be great to see it here too. When they have the mini bananas and cucumbers in they’re a big hit with my kids.

Speaking of kids and eating, hands up who has had mealtime battles with fussy eaters….yes, thought so, lots of hands! Karen of Kenmare Foodie is a wonderful home cook and her boys are fabulous little foodies. She has compiled 9 Tips For Raising Happy Eaters which is a fantastic read, honest and packed with sound advice.

I’ve been finding myself overwhelmed lately with the house and the amount of stuff in it. I guess it’s inevitable with seven of us however it’s also frustrating. I came across this Slow Guide to Minimalism Β which gave me some clarity. Instead of looking at the house as a whole and becoming overwhelmed, I need to take it room by room, corner by corner.

Have a wonderful week and I will be back next Sunday with more of what catches my eye.


11 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye #7

  1. I said the same thing…March!
    I’m working on getting rid of the clutter…a messy friendship, junk in my trunk, badly folded towel closet and that unhealthy food shelf. It’s on the same subject as minimal. I just haven’t figured out how to blog about it or maybe I just want to keep hiding it.
    Have the best month of March ever.

    1. Oh gosh, messy friendships are the hardest, you’ll work it out. Sometimes blogging without actually hitting publish can be very therapeutic.
      You too, let’s all rock March!

  2. Thanks Nicola, great to have someone else wade through every week and pick out some “best bits” for me:) I’d Karen’s and Tric’s pieces both bookmarked and seeing them here made me go read them.

  3. Nicola!! I’m only seeing this now, how lovely to get a mention. Thank you. You inspire me too <3 Rebecca – BoPoIreland

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