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What Caught My Eye #9

Good morning! Are you all enjoying the long weekend? I spent all day yesterday convinced it was Sunday. And three of the kids have Monday off as well, I won’t know if I’m coming or going this week!! I know where I am right this minute, however, ensconced on the couch with a coffee and a chocolate brownie playing catch up.

You may be familiar with uber talented Irish lady Dainty & her cool cat Blondie. Dainty, known as Catherine too, is the lady behind Dainty Dress Diaries; she makes fabulous bears, cushions & hearts, works non-stop with Blondie by her side, upcycles everything extremely well and is a wonderful role model for women. Refusing to conform to societal standards, Catherine does her thing and is on her own personal journey to body acceptance.

There is much excitement in Wexford ahead of the grand opening of a new International Outdoor Activity Centre. This €2m activity centre will be a magnet for tourists, both Irish and International. The IOAC is situated 10 minutes from Rosslare Europort in the lovely village of Tagoat, which is also home to Simply Homemade!

I must be honest, when it comes to keeping houseplants, I’m shocking, I can’t keep them alive and yet again I’ve been pondering about them, they’re so good for the air inside. Then I read about How to Grow Houseplants from Food Scraps. This could be it, instead of buying plants and letting them turn to scrap; if I gather scraps and turn them into plants!!! I am onto something for sure!

Have you seen the portrait of Graham Norton which is currently on display in the National Gallery? It transpired that Gareth Reid, the artist behind this amazing portrait, is a distant relative of Graham, isn’t the world very small??

Ireland has a strong relationship with meat, we’re big carnivores. There’s been a huge reduction in the amount of meat consumed at our kitchen table in recent years and even more so in the last couple of months; our daughter is now vegetarian and while I am not, I haven’t eaten meat since she made her decision as I felt it was important to show her that I fully support her decision. I really enjoyed reading Darina Allen’s take on Why We Should Eat Less Meat; I love the idea of buying less meat  and meat of a far superior quality, I just fear that it is out of reach for so many of us when we look at our grocery budget – I need to make some changes!

Despite a growing increase in body positivity, there is still an overwhelming, shameful amount of body shaming in the world.Having been the subject of harsh criticism these Models Respond To Body-Shamers By Proving Friendship Has No Dress Size. In an ideal world, people would be kind, women would compliment one another instead of comparing and putting each other down. I guess there’s no such thing as ideal….

On a lighter note, I thought this was just cute and is exactly the very thing my Nana would do! It reminded me of time my brother got a camera phone (we’re going back quite a few years here) She was looking at it and nearly jumped off the sofa when she saw her fireplace on the phone!! She thought it was hilarious. This elderly man offered to take a photo for a couple and took an adorable selfie instead.

Now, I’m off to get another brownie……

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