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What Caught My Eye This Week?

Good morning, it’s been a while, but sometimes it’s good to take a break and come back shining. I have fallen a little with What Caught My Eye, but it will always be here, albeit not as regular. I do have a cracker of a post this week, lots of fabulous reading, so you know the drill. Cuppa, feet up, read and enjoy.

I loved this piece from Andrea Mara on ‘Spare Words‘, this is Andrea’s approach to getting to know her characters, including Lauren, the lady at the center of Andrea’s eagerly anticipated second novel, One Click. (And, eh, if you make one click on the words ‘One Click’, one click will enable you to pre-order. That’s not an affiliate, just a really bad pun – sorry Andrea!)

I love my breakfast and am always on the lookout for new ideas. This Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast bowl looks absolutely delicious.

I think we all agree that children have minds of their own, and sometimes when they set their mind to something, there is no changing it, regardless of whether we agree or not. I could feel myself nodding along as I read Pick Your Battles, I could not agree more.

This recipe for Orange Blossom Cheesecake sounds delicious, and lovely for this time of year. That would be Spring, I understand if you’re looking out your window and not quite sure what time of year it is!

Quote from Irish Examiner: CHINA used to take 95% of Irish recyclable waste but following the announcement that they were banning the import of EU recyclables from January, Ireland’s habits as a nation of wasters have been put under the spotlight – Irish Examiner
It was interesting to read how three families got on when challenged to tackle their trash, they did great. I’ve noticed myself since the changes in January, our waste has increased. The increase is soft plastic packaging from the supermarket. It’s frustrating but it’s another thing I am working on reducing.

Living Lightly in Ireland is a great blog to follow, full of inspiring tips & ideas from Elaine, including these Free & Easy Steps to Sustainable Living. There are some brilliant ideas here. Elaine is also on Instagram, she has a great feed, also full of great ideas.

When I saw the heading, ’90s Decor Trends That Are Back in Style, I was taken aback, I remember the 90’s very well, however, have a look, you may be surprised. Some of these are pretty ok.

Any of you who follow me on Instagram will know how popular pancakes are in my kitchen, these Sweetcorn and Feta cheese pancakes look delicious. I can’t wait to try them.

Did you know Donegal Airport has been named the most scenic in the world? Well, now you do, a lovely achievement I think you’ll agree.


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