What Caught My Eye

What Caught My Eye this Week?

As is usual with me, I haven’t shared posts that have caught my eye in a while. However, I had a dreadful bug this week and therefore more time to read. So here we go, the first of who knows how many for this year!

A Trip Around The Web!

I absolutely adored this piece from Office Mum, The Sour and The Sweet. It’s remarkable what we can decipher from simple observation. This piece is exactly why Andrea is so good at what she does. She sees beyond what most of us just see.

Goodreads has an extensive list of the Book to Screen Adaptations coming to us this year. This list, of course, includes Wexford’s Eoin Colfer with his book,  Artemis Fowl

I love that people are becoming more aware of the environment and the damage that is being done. While I hold my hands up and admit I have a long way to go, some of the latest trends do concern me. We are still buying so much stuff! Yes, it’s brilliant to see such a wide range of (expensive) keep cups and other things on the market but is it just feeding into something else?? I was delighted to read Elaine’s post on How to avoid Buying Stuff in 2019? Her jar/coffee cup idea is genius and something that crossed my mind too. Though personally I’d rather take 10 minutes and sit in for my coffee. I’m one of those who has coffee out as a treat! Following on from Elaine’s post, 6 Tips to Stop Impulse Buying, is a very worthy read.

I am a long time fan of The Honest Project Blog. Frances cooks the most delectable food and presents it beautifully. I take lots of inspiration from her recommended books too. Her February Reading List has some real gems, including one of my favourite books, The Hearts Invisible Furies.

I am devouring Joanne Condon’s Insta Stories lately. I haven’t told my husband yet, but our home will in time be a pastel lovers dream!


Joanne’s Instagram profile. Isn’t it glorious?

My blog pal Katia is running a superb series on her blog, entitled, Women of the Food Industry. I have linked to the page where all of her interviews to date are available as they are all worth reading.

For the month of February, my friend Karen at Yankee Doodle Paddy publishes a daily guest post. The running theme is love and it is brilliant to read so many different interpretations of the theme.

This week, I published the first of what I hope will be many craft posts. This Springtime Yarn Wreath is easy to make and brings me much joy.


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