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What Caught My Eye This Week?

Happy Bank Holiday! As it was St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, I held off on What Caught My Eye until today. Following the festivities, this morning should be a much more chilled out time for all.

With Snow falling over a good chunk of the country last weekend, Waterford Whisperers were on the ball with their take on it, they may not have had white fluffy stuff, but plenty of shite funny stuff!

I was reading Time is precious – don’t use it all on after-school activities during the week and I found myself nodding along. Rightly or wrongly, I never pushed my children to do after school activities. We talked about different ones and when something came up that they really wanted to do, that’s when the one was chosen. And that’s what it’s been one activity. My eldest boy really wanted to do Tin Whistle club, so he did until it clashed with his dance class and he had to choose. The dancing won. We had many reasons for one activity, financial, time pressure and balance. Like everything, of course, each to their own, but it’s worked for us.

Have you ever wondered why something that tastes delicious to you may be deemed disgusting by others? Why is it that some people love the taste of things others hate? examines this very question.

I read this post, Would You Take This Bike to Help Save the World? Then I read it again. It has left me with many thoughts, which I’m still processing.

As I read Creating Unique Timeless Interiors on a Shoestring the following quote stayed with me; There is no such thing as good taste. There is my taste and your taste, they might match they might not, who cares – Living Lightly in Ireland. Isn’t that so true? We need to not lose focus of this.

Music plays such a huge role in the world. I believe there’s no such thing as a bad song if it makes someone happy, then my kids play songs on repeat!! Music snobs, please note: it takes a sophisticated composer to write a good pop song, says Jude Rogers

One of the most inspiring news stories this week was that Over 10,000 students protest climate inaction in Dublin. The Taoiseach welcomed the participation of Irish students in the international school climate strike last week, acknowledging that, it is “their future that is in jeopardy.”  

We adore our hens and intend on adopting some this year. There are so many hens kept in appalling conditions so Why not give a rescue hen a home? I suspect it will be a most rewarding experience.


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