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Are you always looking for dinner inspiration? Well,  let the bloggers help you!

The lovely Sinéad over at Bumbles of Rice ran a great and very successful  little series last year entitled ‘A Week in Dinners’, where she shared what her family had eaten for dinner everyday for a week, she invited other bloggers to link up and take part, and she has now published the first for 2015. A brilliant idea that gives great insight into what real families eat on a day to day basis and as you will see from my own week, no matter what planning goes into a specific meal, life (or toddler people) can get in the way!

Every Wednesday I do up a weekly menu before doing the weekly shop on Thursday so I am somewhat organised and have a good idea what we are eating in advance, this has been known to change of course on more than many an occasion, but it’s quite a good system really and I like it…..when it works 😉

So, here’s what was served up in the Simply Homemade home last week.


On Monday we had chicken which was left over from Sunday, much to my daughter Caoimhe’s dismay……’really Mam, chicken again…..we ALWAYS have chicken!’ Yes, chicken again, with mashed potatoes for Mr. S/H and the children, sweet potato for me & Mr. S/H, turnip, carrots, babycorn & green beans and of course gravy. My son, who is the fussiest eater that has ever graced the planet only ate potatoes, now you may well wonder why I didn’t cook him something else, but he doesn’t eat anything else other than sausages and fish fingers which are not good for him everyday, trust me, he doesn’t go hunry!


Tuesday was the fish finger day so Mr. S/H & I would have our dinner with the littlest people at lunchtime. I was really looking forward to Tuesdays dinner, I was making the most lovely Beetroot Burgers from the Happy Pear cookbook, this is my kind of food, fresh and tasty, my mouth was watering as I prepared them. They turned out lovely, I plated up one and was faffing about taking a photo of it when toddler number two, Harry, knocked the tray containing the rest of them onto the floor leaving them in pieces. ‘Oh oh’, he declared. Oh oh indeed. So Mr S/H & I had half a burger each with our salad and the toddlers had salad and soda bread.

A much longed for Beetroot Burger topped with Hummus

The evening plan to give the fussy fella and his sisters, his much longed for fish fingers, mash and beans, altered too once the girls spotted a lovely Kale Pesto that I’d made that afternoon in the fridge. They asked for that instead so they had Pesto Pasta and Jack had his fish fingers with beans and bread instead of mash. He was thrilled!!

Pesto Pasta


I’d had some steak in the freezer since before Christmas when Aldi had it on one of their super 6 deals, steak on a Wednesday is not a regular occurrence, not with seven of us to feed! I rubbed some miso paste into the steak and left it to rest, made some homemade chips with rooster potatoes and some sweet potato wedges for myself and whoever else would like them, which is actually only Mr. S/H! We also had kale, broccoli, babycorn and green beans. When all the veg was on and the chips were cooking nicely, I panfried the steak to everyone’s liking. Again, our fussy boy Jack refused everything except the chips.

Steak & veg
Steak & veg


Thursday we had a dinner everybody eats!! However, there is a catch……..We had Spag Bol, but the only way Jack will eat this is if I have cooked the sauce separately and blended it before bringing the dish together, I must admit it pains me to do this as I like to see and taste my veg, but it means the girls aren’t picking out mushrooms and whatever other veg they’re not lovers of (most!) and leaving them to one side. The children actually call the sauce ‘5 A Day Sauce’ as they know I will have put a minimum of five vegetables into it. The bonus to making the sauce this way is that I have a huge volume of it which I freeze to go over pasta on other occasions. When I make Bolognese I make enough to freeze half of that too for another day.

Pasta Bolognese
Pasta Bolognese


The plan for Friday was homemade pizza and wedges for the children, side salad for Mr. S/H and I. However like all good plans a few changes had to be made. Being out longer than I had anticipated Friday afternoon meant I had to buy ready made pizza bases and wedges as I wouldn’t have had time to make all of them from scratch, the children are hungry after a long day, and by Friday, a long week in school. So shop bought wedges and bases it was. The pesto I made from a recipe in Susan Jane White’s, Extra Virgin Kitchen, it was sundried tomatoes, brazil nuts, olive oil and anchovies. One was topped with cheddar and mozzarella, the second had pepperoni added too.  I did make the base for myself and Mr. S/H, we didn’t mind waiting and the children devoured the other pizza’s! We had pesto, mozzarella and spinach on ours, it was delicious.

Mozarella & Spinach Pizza


 Both days at the weekend, we eat our main meal at lunchtime. As there is usually lots to be done on Saturday, I like to keep things simple. This week we had Leek & Potato Soup, which everybody had, even a very reluctant Jack! This was accompanied of course with bread.

Leek & Potato Soup
Leek & Potato Soup

So there you have it, a week, well almost a week, in dinners from the Simply Homemade home. I haven’t included Sunday, however I can tell you that we will be having Roast Chicken, won’t Caoimhe be thrilled 😉

If you’re looking for some more ‘dinspiration, head over here and check out what Sinéad & the other lovely bloggers had for their #weekindinners

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    1. You’re welcome Sinead. All the veg is a result of my aspiration for 2015, to get us all eating more of it. Four out of seven of us are doing well, three are and will continue to be a work in progress for quite some time I suspect!!

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