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Wisdom, Wishes & Warnings

As I mentioned in my previous post, my sister got engaged recently!! I know….#exciting!!

The wedding won’t take place until 2017, so her fiancé & she decided to have a party to celebrate now. I wanted to give them some little gifts that had some thought and sentiment behind them.

I started with this wedding countdown from Tiny Things. It’s beautiful.  I’d highly recommend Tiny Things, everything is handmade,  the service is quick (I had this in less than two weeks), the product well packaged and finished to such a high standard.


The happy couple were both thrilled with this and will start counting the days when there are fewer of them to count lol!

I gave this to them before the party because I was so impressed with it, I couldn’t wait!!

Then it was time to put my thinking cap on, what else could I do? I decided I would put an Engagement Goodie Bag together and with some helpful suggestions from friends (thank you ladies) I had an idea of what would go in it. Have a look at the entire contents here.


I thought some words of wisdom and well wishes, from friends and family would be great and add an even more personal touch to the Goodie Bag. I initially thought I would get a pretty notebook and get everyone to write something in it on the night; good in theory but quite possibly wouldn’t be that easy to execute on the night. Instead, I contacted everyone beforehand, gathered enough quotes to fill a little book, turned them into ‘photos’ , created a photobook online and ordered it (I wish it had been as straightforward as it sounds in the written word)

PicMonkey Collage

I called it Wisdom, Wishes & Warnings as that is literally what it contained, lots of words of wisdom, many well wishes and a few little words of warning.

Extracts from the book


I was thrilled with the finished result, it turned out so well. I was like an excited child waiting to give it to them!

PicMonkey Collage

They absolutely loved it, as did my fabulous nephew, who as you can see above, had his own special page included.


My lovely sister found it all very emotional, leaving us both struggling to hold back tears.

All the emotions, tears, laughter, happiness :)
All the emotions, tears, laughter, happiness 🙂

Sometimes, you may have an idea to do something out of the ordinary, a little more personal, that may even bring tears; you may then think twice about it; my advice for what it’s worth……go for it! Gifts like this are truly lovely and something to hold on to forever more.

I was not asked to review Tiny Things, it is simply my honest opinion of a wonderful service.



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