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WTF Was I Thinking Suggesting Crafts on a Monday?!

Monday morning. Rubbish night with the Cuddlemonster. Not like him, so blame the moon. I have a woeful headache, strong painkillers consumed. I’ll be grand.

Usual Monday morning antics in our house. Middle child is looking sheepish. Turns out he ‘forgot’ to have his shower last night. It’s 8.35. Go now and be quick!

The older ones are gone to school, the headache is abating, the sun is shining, ’tis grand. I look at the two little faces that are still with me.

Me:’What would you two like to do?’ The Cuddlemonster responds first, ‘Moobie?’ Huh? The fairy knows what he means, ‘Can we watch a movie Mom?’ Me, like an eejit, ‘What? On a Monday morning?! No, why don’t we do some crafts instead? Won’t that be fun?’

They’re reluctant customers this morning but agree. We go out to the garden to gather some leaves because crafts in Autumn need leaves. The smell of shite would rouse the dead. ‘Oh Mom, it’s stinky today!’ That’s country life sweetheart, she’s not wrong though. We had enough, time to get back inside, before breakfast revisits us.


We’d make a lovely Autumnal wreath, I’d seen a lonesome paper plate in the press over the weekend, that’d work grand. Himself, the Cuddlemonster really wasn’t in the crafting mood. The leaves were fecked everywhere,  he glued the table, both sides of the leaves, the table, his sister, me…..what was I thinking suggesting this?


Headache is brewing again. The fairy is feeling frustrated. I try to appease her, ‘That looks so pretty sweetheart, and that’s loads of leaves, will we leave it to dry?’ The leaves aren’t sticking. Damp you see….leaves gathered in the morning would be damp wouldn’t they? Mom didn’t think of that did she?


Happy with her wreath but dismayed at having so many leaves left, she wanted to do more…..oh jesus, ‘More, really?’ I blame playschool for this. ‘What would you like to make next?’ ‘A tree!’ A tree, she wants to make a tree, she would wouldn’t she? A sheet of paper and a brown pencil, and more glue.

We called it 'Fallen Leaves' -artistic I think you'll agree ;)
We called it ‘Fallen Leaves’ -artistic I think you’ll agree 😉

Himself lost interest, so he’s putting gluey hands on everything, the floor is filled with bits of leaves. I’m sure I can here the coffee calling. ‘Is it time for a snack?’ YAY!!!! Thank you, thank you. We I clean up…fast, hands are washed, the kettle is boiled. I will never ever suggest crafts on Monday morning ever again. It is not the day for it, it just isn’t.

The Best Bit!
The Best Bit!

I’m sitting here now with two happy little people enjoying a ‘Moobie’, a lovely big mug of coffee that is going down extremely well and the distinct smell of shite filtering into the room……I forgot to close the bedroom windows…. FFS!!!

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