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Yarn & Twig Christmas Trees

I am back with another festive craft that you can do with your children, or by yourself, if you fancy it. There are no rules when it comes to crafting and everyone can nourish their inner child should they wish to do so.

tree again

These little trees are incredibly cute. They are easy enough to make, though, at six and seven, both my children needed some help. I was also out of glue dots so had the glue gun out for this one, which they’re only allowed a little use of under strict supervision!

We gathered our supplies together first of all. As you can see not too much is needed for this craft.



  • Wool, I was out of green wool, so bought this in Home Focus (My wool generally comes from Dealz or Home Focus)
  • Twigs from the garden
  • Twine (Dealz Christmas Craft Section)
  • Mini Pom Poms (Dealz)
  • Pipe Cleaners (Dealz)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun (Any craft glue or glue dots should work)

Using the twine, bind three twigs together in the shape of a triangle.

Then using your green wool, secure it with a knot at the tip, and start wrapping it around the triangle.

This works better the tighter you have it. As you can see, one of my children has big gaps in his tree (impatient!) Despite the gaps, it still looks lovely and rustic. The other is neater and looks lovely too.

Secure with a knot in one of the bottom corners.

Then get creative! We made stars out of dome gold pipe cleaner. The children attached pom poms for baubles and pipe cleaner tinsel.

They were exceptionally proud of the end results, which are now sitting proudly on display.

If you and your children make this festive craft, please feel free to tag me on Instagram and show me your creations.

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Disclaimer: I had or purchased everything we used in this craft myself and was not under any obligation to mention Home Focus or Dealz.


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