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Hallway Makeover

The Simply Homemade Hallway received a much needed makeover, making it now a warm pleasing space for everyone who is welcomed in our home.   Our hallway was long overdue a makeover. Actually, most of the house is!! I had great intentions a couple of years ago. We painted most of the rooms white, bringing it back to basics. The …

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Wexford Cheddar celebrate 60 Years #BetterWithCheddar

There are many things synonymous with Wexford. Rissoles, the Quay, Rosslare, ‘Howya Hun’ and the Creamery. The Creamery is almost like a landmark in its own right.  The place used for many giving directions, telling a tale of something that occurred ‘near the Creamery’ and visible from many vantage points. It’s a big year for Wexford Creamery this year. They …

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