Help WOLFF help Wexford Marine Watch

If you live outside Wexford you may well have never heard of ‘Wexford Marine Watch’, however those of us living here in Wexford are very familiar with this voluntary organisation and why they came into being.

‘Wexford Marine Watch’ is a voluntary organisation which provides Suicide Prevention Patrols along Wexford Quays, Estuary & Harbour. Their mission is to  prevent loss of life in our community, raise Suicide Awareness, and to maintain lifesaving devices in the Harbour area.


IMAGE CREDIT: Wexford Marine Watch

Wexford Marine Watch have in excess of 90 trained volunteers; people who volunteer their time on a rota basis so that Wexford bridge and harbour are patrolled 365 nights a year in all weathers with their main purpose being suicide prevention. Sadly Wexford bridge and harbour, prior to the inception of Wexford Marine Watch, had become a suicide black spot.

These volunteers have acted with people in distress, contacted the emergency services and saved lives. Since their inception in 2012 (and for the first time in history), no-one has lost their life through suicide in Wexford Harbour to date – proof and testament that this concept does not just ‘work’, but works EFFECTIVELY

As I mentioned, Wexford Marine Watch is a voluntary service with many overheads including Vehicles, Diesel, Searchlights, Throw-bags, First Aid, Training, Foul-weather Clothing, Radios, Maintenance, Storage, Postage etc. They get no money or support from Goverment or grants of any kind, every cent they get is through fundraising in our local community, which leads me into the next part of this post.

We are all very familiar with WOLFF in Wexford, an outstanding musician and superb Vlogger. His vlogs not only capture his day to day activities but give us fabulous insights into Wexford  and often include wonderful time lapses captured in Wexford Harbour, a place of beauty that has been the place of heartache for so many.

Three years ago Johnny Stewart, the WOLFF  we know today, released his first full length studio album ‘Daydreamer’. Time has moved on, Johnny has become WOLFF and his music today is more representative of who he is. However, he has a number of copies of the physical cd, which has been a huge part of his journey to where he is today, which he wants to release in a meaningful way so that is what he has done.

You can now purchase a physical copy of ‘Daydreamer’ for €5 with all proceeds going to Wexford Marine Watch. You get a piece of WOLFF history and support this incredible organisation all for the price of a couple of coffees.


IMAGE CREDIT: Johnny Stewart

To get your cd and help Wexford Marine Watch go to

I know it can seem like we are bombarded with charities looking for donations this time of year and they are all extremely worthy causes, without a doubt, however as I previously mentioned Wexford Marine Watch rely solely on fundraising and they are literally the difference between life and death for any of us who need it and that is a scary fact, none of us know, we can only hope.

“Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse… it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better”.

You can follow Wexfod Marine Watch on Facebook and Twitter.
You can also follow WOLFF on Facebook & Twitter and of course subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post. This is such a worthy organisation and we have all seen the devastating effects suicide has on families; this is one way we can all show some support for Wexford Marine Watch. 

Wexford Home Preserves

I have often made my own cranberry sauce, but I would always have a jar in the press too! We use lots of it. Last year, I didn’t make any, instead I just bought a couple of jars of our preferred one. It is delicious, excellent quality and the christmas sandwiches just would not be the same without it.

Our cranberry sauce of choice is Wexford Home Preserves. It is just delicious, as are all of their products. We also love their strawberry jam and three fruit marmalade.

This week I got a lovely surprise when I opened up a package to find this beautiful gift pack inside. I couldn’t not share it with you and a single photo on Instagram, I feel, just isn’t enough to do this justice.


This is a fantastic christmas gift, either to yourself – we all deserve a treat- or to any foodie in your life.I absolutely adore the packaging, it represents all that Wexford Home Preserves are, a natural, homespun, excellent quality brand.


As you can see it the gift pack contains my beloved Cranberry Sauce, which will of course be essential to our Christmas dinner and Mr. Simply Homemade’s festive sambo’s.


This year we plan to have a platter with  various cheeses and continental meats as our starter on Christmas day. The Wexford Chutney will be absolutely perfect for this.


Our cold cuts in the days following the ‘big one’ will be perfectly enhanced with Sundried Tomato and Pepper Relish. I really do love a good relish and being so familiar with Wexford Home Preserves products, I know how good this will be.


Wexford Home Preserves have been busy making the very best jams, marmalades and other delicious preserves for more than 25 years. They use traditional, tried and tested recipes handed down through the generations of their family here in Wexford, using all natural ingredients and they make all of their preserves by hand.
Wexford Home Preserves very kindly gifted me this, I was not asked to provide a blog post, I simply wanted to share this beautiful package from a fantastic Wexford food producer with you. I regularly use their products and this parcel may very well be just the gift you are seeking out for somebody special.
Wexford Home Preserves traditional jams, marmalades and other conserves are available from good food shops all across Ireland including specialist independent shops and bigger retailers  Supervalu, Local Dunnes Stores and Local Tesco Stores.

Crabtree & Evelyn Feast for the Senses

Crabtree & Evelyn have a most beautiful selection of gifts on offer this festive, catering not only for you but also your home.

The Noel Home Fragrance Candles & Spray sound simply beautiful. With an aromatic festive blend of mulled spices, fraser fir spruce and the zest of citrus fruit, this will bring Christmas alive in all homes. As a fan of Hand Care Gifts I am very impressed with the selection Crabtree & Evelyn have available. The Gardners Handcare Tin in particular would be such a lovely gift for the green fingered folk in your life. They have a lovely selection of stocking fillers to suit all budgets, the little cracker of treats is particularly delightful.


You won’t be surprised of course to discover that it’s the foodie gifts that caught my eye! There’s treat filled baubles, shortbread biscuits in a keepsake musical tin and this festive treat package.


This is really lovely. The packaging on the foodie gifts, just like the other Crabtree & Evelyn ranges, is beautiful.


The gift box contains  All Butter Spiced Ginger Biscuits, Mandarin & Ginger Marmalade and Spiced Berry Preserve. . In the interest of giving an honest opinion, obviously I had to taste the contents of the gift box (I know, the things I have to do eh!)

The biscuits are lovely, as Mr Simply Homemade would say, they’re a proper biscuit, crunchy with just the right amount of crumble. If you love ginger biscuits, you’ll love these. The Mandarin & Ginger Marmalade is beautiful. I have to be honest, I expected this to be very sweet but it isn’t, the combination of the ginger and mandarins is just right. My favourite of the three is the Spiced Berry Preserve; with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and a hint of festive spices, this is genuinely gorgeous.This package really would make a lovely gift for the foodie in your life.


Crabtree & Evelyn was founded in 1972 by Cyrus Harvey. The name Crabtree & Evelyn was inspired by John Evelyn, a 17th century botanist, and the English Crab-apple tree, known for its beauty and use in home apothecary. Initially a small, family run business, the first store specialised in fine soaps sourced from around the world.  One man’s passion for travel coupled with an inherent desire for natural products, set the foundation for creating an international brand renowned the world over for its fragrances, body care products, fine foods and beautifully packaged gifts. From this one small shop selling an eclectic collection of fine soaps, Crabtree & Evelyn now has a strong retail presence in more than 65 countries including over 200 wholly owned branded retail stores. Creating the Crabtree & Evelyn brand was borne out of Cyrus’ passion but he drew his inspiration from the life of John Evelyn, who was one of the first naturalists and conservationists and a visionary of his time. It was Evelyn’s personal motto ‘explore everything, keep the best’ that resonated with Cyrus and remains at the heart of the brand today.

Disclaimer: I received The Festive Treat package for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own.


Beautiful Books (Bargains Too!)

If you know anything about me it should be this – I LOVE a bargain! I also like to share news about bargains. I was in Dealz* at the weekend and, as I always do, I was checking out the kids books. The following three caught my eye. As often happens in Dealz, they ‘fell’ into my basket!


They were such a lucky buy! These books are stunning. Lovely stories with beautiful illustrations and only €1.50** each. My two youngest children, who are 3 and 4,  are really enjoying them and we’ve read them every night since I bought them. They are far before some books that I have paid more money for over the years.

The Christmas Hat by A.J. Wood (Illustrated by Maggie Kneen)


A snow white fluffy owl, friends who care for him and a beautiful red hat for Christmas. This is a truly lovely little tale of friendship and the importance of looking out for one another. It is a delight to read to the children and they love listening to it.

The Snowman and the Christmas Fairies by Rachel Williams (Illustrated by Kim Martin)


As Christmas cheer embraces the world, a downhearted Snowman is all alone in the forest. His acts of kindness are quickly rewarded by the animals of the forest and the Christmas Fairies. This is my 3 year olds favourite of these three books. Both the story and the illustrations are beautiful.

Fawn’s Faithful Friend by Hannah Wilson (Illustrated by Stephanie Boey)


Fawn the deer and Pin the Bunny are very best friends, much to the dismay of Fawn’s father, Sir Deer. This little tale however shows us exactly how real friendship will always prevail.

I hope some of you are fortunate to get your hands on these books, I know these things go fast in Dealz. Any book loving child (and parent too) would be delighted to receive them; they’re a lovely addition to our bookshelf and enjoyable to read.

*I was not asked to mention Dealz and I bought these books myself.

**The Christmas Hat is €9.41 and The Snowman and the Christmas Fairies is €9.28 on a well known book website. (I couldn’t find Fawn’s Faithful Friend)