The Need to Know/Contact Me

Welcome, welcome, grab a cuppa & a cake, stay awhile J

Let me share a few things about Simply Homemade with you.

I write this blog for two reasons; I enjoy it and it keeps me sane!

Everything is written and edited by me.

All photographs are my own, unless otherwise stated and credited.

Opinions voiced on Simply Homemade are mine, unless stated and credited.

I may change my opinion from time to time, I’m a woman, we’re allowed to do that 😉

All of the content on Simply Homemade is for entertainment purposes only.

I am not providing nutritional or dietary advice, I am not qualified to do that, nor do I claim to be.

I use my own recipes and those of others, I will always state when I am not the rightful owner and they will be stated and credited.

I do not get paid to review or mention any products, attractions or establishments mentioned in my posts, however should the manager of any 5 star establishments be reading this, I am more than happy to room sit anytime 😉

I reserve the right to change the focus of Simply Homemade at my own discretion.

I reserve the right to edit/delete any comments I may find offensive and/or personally attack another commentator……things can get quite heated when discussing the whole cupcake v’s bun issue……I get that; but be kind!

You may not reproduce, copy or publish any part of this site without my permission, you may send people here via links.

You reproduce photo’s of my children that I have used here, I will hunt you down and batter you with my whisk!

If you wish to contact me email me at or

 simply fill in the form below or hit the links and drop me a line via Facebook or Twitter.

Have a nice day!


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